Special packaging

Special transport wooden containers as well as protective and thermal foil

Special transport wooden containers

Wooden crates are specially made to measure for special transports. These are usually large machines and devices. The box has a self-supporting structure with or without lining. In English, there is a difference between a wooden box (crate) and a box (eng. Box). The box has a construction such that the product can be seen through the spaces between the wooden elements. In our language, the transport box can most roughly be described as a crate for fruits and vegetables, adapted to large reeds, high strength and load-bearing capacity, with a lid. In practice, the terms box and box are often equated.

It is important to note

Wooden crates and boxes are not the same. If the lining of a wooden container can be removed without leaving the supporting structure unchanged, such a wooden container may be called a box. If removing the lining of a wooden container results in there being no way to fasten the wooden elements along the edges of the container, then such a container may be called a box. The strength of a wooden transport box is measured by the weight it can withstand before the linings (cover, sides and fronts) are mounted. The “skis” on the stand are mostly adapted for lifting trucks. The performance of the transport box very much depends on the design, the type of wood / material, the type of fasteners (nails, etc.), the manufacturer, etc.

Wooden transport boxes

Wooden transport boxes are usually made of solid wood or board materials (plywood, panel board / blažujka, osb boards, mdf). Wooden boxes are most often used for heavy loads, when the dimensions of the load are large, when long-term storage is required, when resistance to pressure, strength and rigidity of the packaging are of key importance.

IBC Containers

They are used for transport and packaging of water, milk, juices, oils, plant extracts, additives, liquid fertilizers, acids and bases, glucose, sucrose, biodiesel, waste oils, etc. Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) are standardized portable, plastic tanks. They are placed on a suitable wooden or plastic pallet and lined with a lattice. Special sealants allow use in different areas of application. They are often used in areas that do not have a proper water supply, as well as for drip irrigation. They are made of high density polyethylene. They are suitable for storage because they can be placed on top of each other. All IBC containers have a metal frame and a faucet.


We offer standard IBC containers of 600, 800 and 1000 liters, but also special IBC containers. The dimensions of the IBC container of 1,000 liters are: 120 cm long, 100 cm wide and 120 cm high. The weight of the IBC container is about 55 kg / pc on a standard wooden pallet.

The UN number is stamped at the factory on the IBC container’s plate, or is affixed to it.


Shrink Wrap Foil is one of the most commonly used films in the world of packaging and transport. It is made of extruded low density polyethylene. The thickness of the foil used is determined by the type of goods to be packaged (not the same for industrial machines or mineral water packaging for retail). When we apply heat to the heat-shrinkable foil, it shrinks and adapts to the goods over which it is placed.

Protective thermal foil "Shrink Wrap Foil"

The protective thermal foil we offer is used in marinas, in dry marinas and at sea, in construction, industry and transport. Protects against weather disasters, atmospheric changes, dirt, minor damage, wind gusts up to 150km / h, acid rain, UV radiation, etc.

Climate Foil

Vacuum Clima Foil is an adjustable vacuum foil whose function is to protect the goods from external factors (moisture, dust, sun, rain, etc.) by creating a physical barrier, ie insulating the goods. It is very flexible, durable, waterproof, does not disintegrate, resistant to insects, ideal for all types of transport. It is chemically neutral in composition, so it does not affect the goods it protects.