One type of today’s popular way of heating in the winter is pellets. There are several reasons for this claim: clean, easy, according to the established process and economical in terms of saving human energy, work and health. Pellet stoves are very simple in construction, and work automatically. Unlike the painstaking inhalation of smoke from the boiler during heating, in the case of this extraordinary product, it is enough to just fill the tank with a certain amount of pellets, the rest is done automatically in relation to heat regulation which is maintained in heated rooms.

Pellet production

The best way to produce pellets according to the latest world standards.

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The difference between wood pellets and wood briquettes is only in size, while their composition is the same. It is ground wood, and most often that wood mass that is used for the production of briquettes and pellets is a waste mass from the wood industry.

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However, it often happens that industries turn fresh wood into pellets, due to high demand. The size of the pellets is extremely small, so that dozens of them can fit in the palm of your hand. Briquettes are significantly larger and are produced in a wider range of dimensions, which depends on the needs of our customers.


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Pellet storage

We store pellets according to the highest world standards.

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