About Us

About us

Šumadija Omega d.o.o. is a company founded in 2013, with the aim of enriching the market with integrated products and services based on wood products. The company’s headquarters are in Obrenovac, at the crossroads of all important roads in the country and abroad.




The solution


Main activity

The main activity of the company is the production, sale and purchase of pallets. With the development of a professional team and new ideas, the business has expanded to the production of pallet furniture, service and rental of pallets, thus achieving a whole in the service we provide.

Wide Range

In addition, Šumadija Omega in a wide range of products has timber and various types of firewood (chopped wood, briquettes, pellets), which is just another indicator of the constant development of the company Šumadija Omega d.o.o. which is completely oriented to the needs of its customers.

Modern technology

Modern technology and experience are our most important references. We have a solution for each of your ideas, wishes and needs, which significantly distinguishes us from other companies.

Storage and treatment

Šumadija Omega d.o.o. performs storage and treatment of waste wooden pallets and is authorized by the City Administration of the City of Belgrade under reg. number 107 and meets the requirements of heat treatment and marking of wooden packaging material.

Heat treatment

Our company is qualified to perform heat treatment and marking of wood packaging material and is authorized by the competent ministry under reg. number 102.

Our Fleet

Šumadija Omega d.o.o. has a modern fleet and several trucks that are adapted to the transport of wooden packaging. We are capable of fast and accurate delivery within 24 hours.

Guarantee and quality

Šumadija Omega d.o.o. gives a guarantee on delivery and quality of all pallets and products that we offer.